Me time...

Me time...

Tear-n Tan

I’ve been capturing images since a child and after earning photography degrees at both Pasadena City College and the School of Visual Arts I began my career in the photo industry.

After shooting music, fashion and celebrities for over 15 years, I started getting into drawing and painting more. I had only taken a handful of art classes in college, but I think the years spent shooting black and white photography and developing in the darkroom were crucial in helping me see tones a little better. 

I've recently started doing illustrations and enjoy the process very much. I love the freedom of creating with a pen and paper so easily and at the same time having the opportunity to make a statement.  I'm hoping to create a body of work that captures something about my life, whether it be my years spent photographing music, or my love of visual puns, or Sunday morning punditry.

In November 2011 I started The Tear-n Tan Files, a blog about music, fashion, travel and my most recent artwork.

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